Hats off to Mr. Bijaya Kumar, Producer, Presenter of Nepal Television run programme DISHANIRDESH. He made a great effort to provide support for Laxmi Gurung, from Pokhara for her studies. This one is the heart touching episode of DISHANIRDESH i have ever seen. His effort helped to struggle Rati Maya Gurung, mother of Laxmi Gurung, and her family. This is just an example and there are lots of Laxmi Gurungs in Nepal. Our small effort can enlight one children in rurual Nepal.

Click on play button to watch the whole episode of DISHANIRDESH.


laxman said...

dear mr kamal really i dont hav lots of word to say nore than thanx n a geat job or ur this hint or lesson 4 our society, those new generation who have no even single knowledge of this thing that how our people living a had life,how didfficult is that single moment of life to move ahead?is a question but there is a light of sun like u is inspiration n a support 4 needed time.so one more time thanx 4 mr bijay n mr bhusnan as well u too,plz keep it up u r the best

Kasha said...

That was one amazin' reality that you have presented through your space, Thumbs Up!!

Dude, I need a favor, could you plz spare some time from your busy schedule to let me know how I shall be able to contact Mr. Bijay Kumar, I've an old friend related within his family, it's been 16 years we are out of Contact.

Kidly, do let me know, I'ld be much obliged,

With best regards,